About club

We are a youth cycling team focused in road and mountain biking. We are dedicated to children from 8 years old with the aim to raise healthy people who can effectively organize their free time, work on themselves purposefully and fight for their achievements. We encourage young people with excellent physical fitness and the ability to build interpersonal relationships. We have been able to scout and recruit several talents who we are dedicated to prepare for joining the ranks of elite competitors.

In addition to preparing successful cyclists, our goal is to spark a love of cycling and sport in general, as well as to highlight the importance of sport for a person's healthy mental and physical development. PROefekt Košice riders take part in Slovak Cup (SP) and Slovak Championship (MSR) races all year round, as well as in foreign top competitions in RC (road cycling), XCO (mountain biking), CX (cyclo-cross) and TC (track cycling).

The priority of our team is the promotion of the sport of cycling, which is gaining unprecedented popularity due to the successful performance and phenomenon of Peter Sagan and his 3 times world champion title in road cycling. As a team, we expect an influx of young talents, an increase in awareness of the sport among the citizens of Košice, as well as the whole of Slovakia. Our long-term goal is to involve as many cyclists as possible, especially from the group of recreational cyclists and youth.

Team Chairman and Head Coach Peter Szász: "We combine areas that belong together: sport, health, team spirit, ambition and energy. All this forms a part of the PROefekt Košice cycling club DNA."

Club history

The cycling team was founded in 2008 under the original name JUMP sport Košice. The original name "Jump sport" was changed to PROefekt Košice in 2015, when our cooperation with an expert in diagnostics and training, Juraj Karas - PROefekt, started in full swing.

Since the beginning of its activity the club was characterized by above-standard results especially in mountain biking, later in cyclo-cross and road cycling. It is regularly represented among the best cyclists and athletes of Slovakia. In 2013, the club expanded its membership base with other talented children from the Eastern Slovakia region, especially from the ranks of long-time successful participants of the National Cycling Race in Košice.

In December 2013, the club was awarded the status of Slovak Talent Youth Centre. Since 2014, the club has ranked among the most important cycling clubs in Slovakia, where it is one of the best with its results. It confirms its position to this day. It currently trains and supports several Slovak representation members, Slovak champions and Slovak Cup winners.

Jakub Jenčus (member of Slovak representation U23), Florián Papcun (member of Slovak representation U23) and also several times Slovak champion in XCE, Filip Sklenárik belong to our club's offspring.

Within its scope of activities the club organized several cycling events: the Slovak Mountain Bike Cross Country Championships, the Slovak Road Cycling Cup, the Slovak Cyclo-cross Cup and the National Cycling Race in Košice. The biggest race so far was the organization of the international MTB XCO competition of C2 category and MTB XCE Košice Jahodná of C3 category, with the participation of international Central European top riders.